What My Coffee Says About Me

Painting by Jordi Labanda

I’ve never been a big coffee drinker; however, more and more it’s now becoming very recurrent for me to order a decaf lungo espresso after lunch or a cappuccino for my coffee breaks… Why do I choose these specific coffees, I had no clue until I read a cute article on the Toronto Sun‘s website… Here are the main points that interested me:

The Decaf Soy Milk Drinkers are a bunch of self-satisfied eco-worrier and attention seekers. They have tendency to be picky.

The Latte Drinkers are urban fashionistas that never grew up. They love being admired, some might think it’s an obsession.

The Black Coffee Drinkers are survivors and take a direct approach to life.

Cappuccino Fans are all foam and bubble. They are not materialistic and enjoy life. They are also flirty and get bored by dull people or partners.

The Frappuccino Drinkers are usually superficial and do not like long relationships.

The Espresso Drinker are likely to be tough and hard working. They are skillful, motivating and accomplished lovers. The article mentions they are not always loyal… But I’ve learnt to keep my critical eye and have to disagree here. ;)

The Hot-Chocolate Drinkers are usually in need of something in their lives, usually human warmth and tenderness. If you order hot chocolate with whipped cream you are in trouble!

For the non-coffee drinker, the article clearly mentions that if you fear coffee than you fear life.

Those that ask for artificial sweetener and skimmed milk tend to deny life’s little pleasure and do not know how to enjoy themselves or their lives. Also,Those that don’t like sugar nor cream tend to me clam and moody . They are usually good friends, partners or colleagues.

If you love sugar and cream than it’s likely you are a dreamer and seek beauty (or sweetness) in every situation.


PS: Please read this post in a light and funny way.


Waky Soraya

3 thoughts on “What My Coffee Says About Me

  1. Espresso drinker par excellence…Bienque Vancouver m’a appris de mettre un peu d’eau dans mon vin…je veux dire dans mon cafe:)…et ainsi m’habituer au Americano!

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