B Beirut and Louise Doumet (co-founder of Lebelik) on Live TV

Yesterday was the first time I go on Live TV…

At 6 O’clock yesterday I was a guest on an important Live TV show on LBC International, “B Beirut”

I talked about Lebelik, used the word “Laziz” a bit too much, forgot to mention some of the designers, and didn’t say shipping is for free; but I spoke with my heart… That’s how I am in real life: I forgot stuff sometimes, love the word “Laziz” (translates into tastefull/charming/nice) and go everywhere with my heart!

I went there wearing a Joanna Dahdah Ring, Johnny Farah Bracelet, Yasmina Farah Bag, Karoline Lang shoes, Jessica top and Jacket, Knitted pants, Moonstone bracelet and  holding them all in my heart…

I promise to post the video before day end today on Lebelik’s website…

But for now I would like to remind to all those that did not register yet that you have until thw 30th of April to register on Lebelik.com to get the chance to win 40USD credited in your account.

Warmest regards to all and to Soraya,


5 thoughts on “B Beirut and Louise Doumet (co-founder of Lebelik) on Live TV

    1. I will upload it on youtube…. the file is a bit big… Hopefully you be able to see it asap…
      Thank you for your comment… Always nice to hear from you

  1. There is always a first time. Although I didn’t get the chance to see u but am sure u were just gr8. Waiting for u to post the video as promised.

    1. I am currently uploading… the file is a bit big… Thank you Helen… It went on fine for the first time… I actually liked it =)

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