Arty Attractions, Good Food and Fun People

Yesterday was just a perfect day for me! I woke up early, swam, had breakfast in Nada Zeineh’s workshop, worked, and shared lunch with two great women in an amazing trattoria in Mar Mkhael in Beirut, “Marinella”. We were three women bragging about our sports classes and our long weeks to try and lessen the guilt from consuming so many tasty calories in a two and a half-hour long lunch. Sarah Abou Khaled, founder of SAK’s design was wearing one of her new creations, a little piece of romance you will all get to see on very soon; and  our little CEO friend turned into Santa Claus offering prosperous elephant pendent and a ring that suits perfectly the dress I will wear tomorrow night for a friend’s wedding.

I than came back to work and took care of a big order only to find out it was for a close German friend I miss studying with. At 6 O’clock my dad passed by the office and we sat around good fruits (as if I didn’t have enough food that day) and complicated charts. My little brain came up with some great ideas :).

So by then I was already thinking: “I like my day!” but thought I would pass by the hermitage building to see Joanna Dahdah’s new collection and hopefully get some Jewelry Week Gossips. She was unfortunately too busy for this, going from one interview with a magazine to sending a quick smile to the different TV channels that came to broadcast her event. 7 art designers selling from high end Egyptian glassware to trendy t-shirts (Maroon Mind’s T-Shirterie), oil on canvas painting, furniture and of course Jewelry all agreed to host a little event to promote the street, and give this luxurious residential area a different artistic feel. The event was a great success! I left the event an hour or so later, there were still a lot of people coming in and out of it, the people were all wearing new t-shirts, admiring their new rings and happily holding different bags.


So by the time I got home I thought: “I love my day!” skipped diner and went early to bed.

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