Anja… Not Fully German, Not Totally Lebanese

I met Anja a couple of months ago… We started talking and half way through the conversation, she mentioned she was half Lebanese and half German… I was happy to practice  my German and excited to know all about her stories, her inspirations and her passions… It turned out she is the exact mix between Orient and Occident…  She had an early start into the world of art. Already having majored in fine arts in Germany, she then moved to Lebanon at the age of 18 where she started her studies at ESMOD (l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode) the following year. Graduating in 2007 and after several internships in both Germany and Lebanon, she decided to launch her new brand “Anja”. She designs from her heart to the hearts of those wearing and enjoying her items.

The mix of simplicity and a love for detail give every collection its unique identity.

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