New Meeting Solid Presentation

Louise Doumet and Karine Jazra both went together on stage today to talk to us about the challenges of the E-commerce in Lebanon. The presentation happened in ESA (Ecole Superieur des Affaires) in Beirut earlier today as part of the social media week in Beirut (

What I found most interesting about this presentation is that these two women (one co-founder of and the other expert in the online sales and shopping) have this ability to jog between femininity and professionalism, seriousness, and presentation and conversation. Not one single minute did I lose interest in their presentation (that looked more like a discussion with ideas, arguments and real life examples) and I saw everyone around me waiting to get the microphone to get ready for the next question.

I’m sure it must have made them happy to hear the little debate at the end. I guess it shows people were following carefully and took what they were saying at heart.

I wish them both a very prosperous virtual (and actual) career and good collaborations to come.

E-excitingly yours,


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