Shoes to Choose

Women sometimes wake up early in the morning already excited about what they want to wear to a special party or dinner and go on trying different stuff… So like many of these women I have already figured out what I want to be wearing tonight. I still have to decide: high heels? Super high heels? Nude color? Simple or with a bit of shining on them? What I will be posting here below helped me choose my pair for tonight. I hope it could give you a hand someday too…

(First I would like you to keep in mind that what footwear will tell about women depends fully on the contexts.)

Women wearing Ballet Slippers: These women forgot to grow up and are still Daddy’s girl. They still live in this dream where they are all little princesses and where no man is good enough for them. These women are probably not a lot of fun and kind of annoying.

The 1000 USD pair of shoes: Women how seek to find comfort in designers shoe brand are high maintenance, nuts about shoes and need a lot of comfort. Too strong on the outside and too weak on the inside. If men take their time to get to know these women and take care of them, they will probably be extremely happy. Chances are they might give away their desire to buy these shoes.

High-heels boots: If these boots are black leathered and cover the knee…Odds are she knows her way around in man’s bedrooms. If you want to wear these boots make sure it’s the appropriate occasion and the idea you want to send is that your sex appeal is your handiest tool.

Loafers: These women prefer comfort over style. They are easy going, usually well balanced. Chances are they very intellectual people and might hold a PHD.

Stilettos: If they are worn to your sister’s wedding, normal! However if they are what you wear when you wake up chances are you are a woman with confidence. You might not enjoy men’s discussion around a beer, watching soccer games in an Irish pub but would definitely be a lot of fun on nights out.

Running Shoes: Unless you are on her way in or out of the gym there is no reason for a woman to go out in running shoes. She might not be feminine enough for a lot of men.

Casual Sneakers: These sneakers aren’t meant for running. Women wearing shoes like Hogan or Converse are most probably laid back, low maintenance and easy going. They enjoy having a beer with man as much as gossiping with women or going with her friends on a night out.

Thongs: They are only meant to be worn in summer, or on the beach. Women wearing Havaianna’s all year long every time a ray of sun shows up will probably disrespect you and put you in uncomfortable positions sometimes.

Leopard Print Pointy Heels with Oversized Gold Buckles: An almost sure fact is that if men find this woman out and follows her home; her living room will be full of sex toys and handcuffs. The room will reek of bad perfume; and men, don’t try and run for the door, she’ll have it locked and there’ll be a couple of guards on the other side. Avoid a struggle at all costs, because she will scratch you with her super long fake nails.

So after reading all this (in a longer version :) ) I decided to go for nude colors stilettos.

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