4 Women, Yummy Salads, and Feeling in a “Sex and the City” Episode

I had a fun week-end… Had a “Sex and the City”-like lunch on Saturday and fun diner with 12 people that do not know each other on Saturday night and a great sunny Sunday…

But, what most amused me on Saturday for lunch was that we were four women, with different characters,tastes and opinions ordering salads… It made me wonder: How does a choice of Salad but mostly Dressing show ones’ character?

Here is what my research shows:

Blue Cheese Dressing: This bold creamy and strong dressing usually accompanies bold strong personalities full of taste.

Vinaigrettes: This oil/vinegar dressing is generally invisible to the eye… If generally this is the dressing you order, chances are you are mysterious most of the time and adventurous some of the time

French (vinegar + mustard + salt + olive oil): If you’re a french dressing person, you probably are a straightforward person. You like simple things…

Thousand Island (eggs  + Wocestershire + sugar + vinegar + mayonnaise + black olives + red bell pepper): Also known as the Big Mac Sauce. If you like this sauce, you are probably a firm person, and have strong beliefs and are not easily swayed.

Honey Mustard: People who eat this dressing typically have salads as meals whether the salad includes meat, chicken or not.

Exotics: (like raspberry vinaigrette, cucumber onion, and peanuts jalapenos, or other similar ready made dressings): If these are the dressings you often choose, you are most probably a chic person that likes to try out the new hip restaurants, shop in the trendy places, that like to see and be seen and you are open for trying out new and exciting trends.

Balsamic Vinaigrette: This is quite a debate, because it will all depends on the type of balsamic you use. The connoisseurs might be sophisticated enough to choose one as expensive as a bottle of refined red wine. The amateurs and those that order this dressing with every salad, are usually straight to the point and  like multi-function items…

With a lot of taste,


4 thoughts on “4 Women, Yummy Salads, and Feeling in a “Sex and the City” Episode

  1. Love it…
    Tons of kisses to my sex and the city girlfriends present and non present in the pictures!!!!
    love u girls…

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