Lebelik in Executive Magazine

As I was googling “Lebelik” – and I have to confess I sometimes do this – I came across this article: http://www.executive-magazine.com/getarticle.php?article=14724&fb_source=message

Picture taken from the famous Lebanese “Executive Magazine” published in October 2011

This is the part that most attracted my attention:

[...] “Global markets

At an e-commerce event during Beirut’s Social Media Week in September, Louise Doumet, the co-founder of Lebanese online fashion retailer Lebelik.com, told attendees that she was surprised to notice people from all over the world were suddenly buying from her. As she put it, marketing online through Facebook and other social media brought in “clients [we] never even thought of,” through friends and acquaintances sharing links and pictures, commenting on purchases and passing it on through their personal networks.

At most, one third of the audience at the e-commerce event said they had purchased something online in Lebanon. Better and cheaper connectivity will increase this, opening up countless opportunities for businesses. Running a web-based retail business keeps overhead costs far lower than, say, a traditional storefront with high rents and costly maintenance.” [...]

It made me smile… It’s always fun to find nice stuff about ourselves or our companies while googling.

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