When In Rome… Dream!

(I write this post to share my trip with my two amazing cousins that recommended great places and to everyone that doesn’t have cool cousins who lived in Rome.)

I think that every Italian city holds in it 3 cities: (I) The historical city and the old town, (II) The new city, and the local’s lifestyle, (III) My (or your ) city… Because most of the Italian cities are sexy in my opinion, they look classical but yet have a modern twist, they are charming and inviting without being completed naked, they are generous but will never give you everything they have… They just have it!

And Rome definitely has it! Those I see often know exactly what I mean by “It”; for the others, I hope that this post will explain a bit what I mean by “It/She/He has it” and will help you organise your next trip to Rome…

My favourite day in Rome started at Campo Dei Fiori where I bought truffles and balsamic vinegar. We then walked to Piazza Navona (that was sometimes used for water games back in the days when the three fountains flooded) to enjoy the colourful street paintings and get charmed by artists; and entered San Luigi Di Francesi to admire a Caravaggio painting.  The idea was then to have a coffee in the famous Cafe Eustacchio, but for whatever reason when walking pass it, we weren’t particularly attracted by it and decided instead to stop by the Terrace of the Grand Hotel Minerva to take some pictures… Next stops were the beautiful Pantheon  (that has the second largest Duomo in the world), The San Ignazio Church and the Door of the Chiesa de Gesu (unforunately the church was closed). By then it was time to stop for a Roman lunch… We then took the long way to the restaurant and passed by the Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II (Vittoriano). Roscioli is where my mum and I shared, on a small charming table, two glasses of Roman wine, yummy Italian carbs and, an hour and a half later, the desire to go back have some rest! (Even though if you go there I recommend you postpone your siesta a bit; the Via Dei Giubbonari is full of cute small italian boutiques that looked worth discovering…)

Thank God I have an energetic mother because after this long day she agreed to spend the night in Trastevere and watch the FIFA soccer game (for the 3rd position) in the Isola Tibernia where we stayed with friends for less than an hour in a charming open bar until it started pouring rain on us! It was worth the laugh and we gentily pitied those that were calmly enjoying the open cinema =).

Campo Dei Fiori Market Pasta RomeCampo Dei Fiori Market – Colorful pasta – Cute for kids

Da Vinci Experiences RomeExperiencing Da Vinci’s Inventions 

Navona PiazzaPiazza Navona 

Walking to the Pantheon RomeWalking to the Pantheon – Vespas and Roman art

View From the Terrace of the Hotel Miverne RomeView From Grand Hotel Minerva

San Ignacio Ceiling RomeSan Ignacio Ceiling

Walking in Rome, BeautyWalking in Rome…  Everything is beautiful 

Walking in RomeWalking in Rome

II Vittoriano RomeMonumento a Vittorio Emanuele II

Roscioli Restaurant Via Dei Guibbonari RomeRoscioli Restaurant – Vie Dei Giubbonari

Feeling when Walking in TrastevereTrastevere Vibe

Isola Tiberina Where I watched the FIFA game for the 3rd placeWhere I watched the FIFA game

I need to get back to work, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post pictures of the rest of my trip!

Regretting I didn’t have my camera with me, I send you lots of warm bacis,

See you tomorrow,


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  1. Dear Soraya

    Very nice article, I picture perfectly the sites you mentioned, however, not the same without me!

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