Vail or a Trip Called Jasmine

Today I had lunch with The Cousin… Our conversations are never long enough, lunch breaks pass too fast, neighbors are always too funny, and laughter is definitely everyday on the menu… I realized today though we haven’t traveled together for a while, and the United States is a destination I look forward to enjoying together. I tried convincing her to think of Colorado, but here I am trying again…

On our way to Colorado, we can stop by Frankfurt… I promise we’ll have a  German breakfast and smile to all the lovers kissing under the rain

or walking along side the Main River.

The day we’ll go to Colorado (Aspen or Vail) I suggest we stop by Frankfurt for a thousand reasons but mainly to have a nice walk and get ready for the coming 10hours we will have to spend on the plane… We’ll most probably share a lot of little stories and play some intimidating games but we’ll be fine when reaching Denver’s Airport…

And if you bare with me 2 hours in a car, this is what we’ll see when we’ll reach Vail…

Vail top of the Mountain (Ski Slopes in Summer)

We’ll have nice morning walks

I will make sure we won’t miss the Sunday farmer’s market (that closes at 15:30) and if we’re lucky we’ll get to enjoy this view when walking towards the village’s shops and bars:

Vail Village

I bet we’ll both end up buying stupid stuff from this village. We’ll then look for some kid to whom we can offer our little useless toys (after taking some pictures of course :) )

I don’t promise we’ll rent bicycles but I do promise to smile when I see three of them lost  on a ski resort (remembering our summer of 2006).

I think we shouldn’t leave Vail before finding all these spots, going on a horse back ride, trying the cold waters while rafting, have one-too-many drink, dancing with strangers, making new friends, inventing a stupid dance and saying “I  Love You” in the most uncommon situations… I really hope you agree with me because as much as I cherish our old stories and  teenage secrets I miss doing new stuff with you…

We will always have the time to share yummy food in the Four Seasons. Something tells me I’ll laugh, cry and leave the diner table with a small pinch in the heart.

And don’t worry about the rest, if we have any problem we can always call Jasmine! I heard she’s everyone’s rescue buoy!

Warm kisses,

Love always,


PS: If you want to do this, don’t count on me ;)

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