Unexpected Dinner in IXSIR in the North of Lebanon

Yesterday I had dinner in IXSIR in the North of Lebanon…

I went there at around 6:30 with a newly discovered old friend… We went there thinking we’re going for sunset drinks with a group of young people, we ended up in a fun young-parents interesting dinner… I love unexpected dinners…

Beautiful Sunset from the Ixsir Winery
Wine Bottles in the Ixsir Winery
Pretty Tables with Cute Flowers

The place is super pretty, the view breadth-taking and the food was yummy…. I particularly liked the duck (even though usually I am not a big duck lover). I hope I can give you soon a recipe of how to cook good duck (I have never tried any duck recipe yet… But I will definitely keep you updated).

The area is very charming, I loved the small lanterns that are places all around the old house, and on our way to the winery. We had a fun tour guide that explained all the little details of wine making and showed us all the different underground, secret areas, cool rooms (naturally cool) and we were lucky enough to get for dinner there finest wine that is not yet released in the market…

So as you can see, a perfect night  =)

I was though very disappointed to know I will never be invited to jump barefoot on the grapes (apparently too old of a tradition and slightly disgusting ;) haha)

My night ended in Skybar with a small breeze, my amazing brother and fun moves to great music… Therefore I am now a bit too tired and might go into a Siesta mode….

Warm kisses from my charming country,


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