Tiny Changes and Big Results

After having a long and fun week end I decided to stay home on Sunday night… The wedding we’ve been preparing for turned out to be an amazing one. (I didn’t stop dancing a single minute) And Saturday night I had dinner in a restaurant I recommend you all try in London called “Aqua” before ending the night in “Tramp”. So Sunday I thought I would enjoy the quietness of a solo night and work on www.lebelik.com (btw check Tiana’s Designs new hats… She just joined the website and is proposing a trendy collection that will be on Lebelik soon).

So my Sunday was pretty normal but still one I enjoyed since I did everything I loved! I woke up and skipped through some magazines, stopped at an article about a book called “The 4-hour Body”, had organic food for lunch at Jak’s with a great friend, chocolate desserts with delicious madrilenos, went to my dance class in Pineapple Dance School, on my way back I passed by a close friend and then headed back home and had a too spicy tomato soup for dinner… So as you can see complete day including: Love, Food, Friends, Dancing, Reading and Music!

So before thanking everything around me and going to bed I would like to wish you all happiness… and hope you will always be doing the right little changes to get a step closer to where you want to be because don’t forget that by sleeping earlier you get a healthier skin, by eating good food a healthier heart and by changing the finger on which your ring is you go from engaged to married.

Blissful Soraya

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