Thursdays with Bouchra: Ideo Parfumeurs

I am now getting ready to meet Bouchra in Gemayzeh in the “Atelier Blanc”, a charming bridal boutique. It then occurred to me last thursday she made me discover the “Ideo Perfumeurs boutique”… And since on my bed side right now I have a beautiful book entitles “Tuesdays with Morrie” I smile and found this title for my post! =)

Ideo Parfumeurs wide choice of interesting perfumes

Ideo Parfumeurs is an adorable place in gemazeh. It’s specificity is that you can ask for a customised perfume based on your own skin smell and preferences! I found this super cool… Still, you can always choose from the wide variety of perfumes they propose! My favourites ones are the Lavaneder and Misk, but I am sure you will all find your little heavenly smells there….

Warm Welcome with a Perfect Breakfast

Ideo Parfumeurs Choices

Warm Kisses,


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