Interesting ArabNet Digital Summit in Beirut

I’ve had a pretty long week… I spent my whole days in the ArabNet Digit Summit in Beirut, then at night went back to work. I learned a lot, met great people, had a lot of good feedback, some recommendations and many business cards…

Phrases I liked the most during that week:

1. “Those who can do, do … Those who can’t invest’

2. “You have a great product” (speaking of Lebelik)

3. “Do your best, and if you have a story and learned enough, then for me you’re already a success”

4. “The worst question I ever heard: How many hours should an entrepreneur work per day?”

5. “Sometimes when you start a business it is better to have everything to loose, because then failing is not an option”

6. “My 7th business was a great success”

So after this long day, I came back home late yesterday, checked my email and saw pictures sent to me by a photographer I love working with: Sandra Chidiac… These pictures were taken during a Lebelik photo shoot after a long day of hard work and strong flashes… Here is the picture of Louise Doumet (Lebelik’s co-founder) that made me smile the most =)

I encourage you all to check the ArabNet website,

Soraya with many new info and ideas…


2 thoughts on “Interesting ArabNet Digital Summit in Beirut

  1. Dear Soraya, Thanks for the tips and ideas…

    The picture of Louise is absolutely gorgeous and representative of the kind of person she is: beautiful, happy, sexy, fun, kind, sweet, elegant… I could go on all day about this wonderful person, but for now, could you just please let her know that I love her?

    1. Will definitely will… but that would make me jealous =)
      If I were her, I would be bushing right now… =)
      Kisses to you my great friend…

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