This is the Good Life… Enjoy Lebanon

I have for the past month experienced stuff/feelings/food/moments I never thought existed… And the best part is I did all this without taking a plane to anywhere, without changing my physical location and without having to spend ridiculous hours wondering whether or not to change my wardrobe…

Still, I have had amazing vacations in my little Lebanon. So first I would like to thank everyone who made this possible: My Mexican crazy friend, My favorite traveling partner, Boston the Dog, Montse the cat, Nikos our new Greek friend, the 24hour-cousin, Jack the champ and of course everyone who barred with me my low-battery phone and my recent absences…

The truth is from each and everyone I just named (except for the pets) I learned something I will always carry in my heart, so today I decided to share with you my small list… I hesitated for a while since I know my dad reads my blog (Hello Dad ;) ) but then again, it already got way more intimate in the past…

1. Mexican Chilaquiles (Martha Stewart Recipe here) is nor the best remedy for a hangover, nor the yummiest breakfast on earth.

2. The Mexican is always right: If  your heart said “Boum Boum” then “Boum” it should be.

3. Don’t be Stupid!

4. The new-greek-friend reminded me how nice it is to be surrounded by easy-going people.

5. Always kiss those you love goodnight! A virtual or imaginary kiss would do.

6. If you have to tell someone: “Please keep it as a secret” then you probably shouldn’t be telling it to them to start with.

7. Traveling partners are those you don’t have to talk to everyday but know that it will always be a true pleasure to share, a pizza, a laughter, a bed, dirty secrets, and untold fears.

8. It’s better to bond over an ice-cream.

9. You should always have a mascot.  It keeps the bound stronger.

10. Every family wonders: Are we the only crazy ones?!

11. We don’t need 8 hours of sleep. It’s a fallacy!

12. Vacation is a mode not a time frame.

I’m in Beirut now writing while none of those I shared with my lasts weeks are here, and I can guarantee you all nor the wine, nor the best Rum, nor finger-licking-good ice cream taste half as good.

Love always,



PS: For those wondering what to do in 5 days in Lebanon, this is how you can fix your heart, paint over the ugly parts in our lives and destroy your health: Enjoy!

1. Go clubbing in: Momo, BO, MAD, Music Hall, Mandaloun. Don;t forget to stop by Zaatar w Zeit or Falamanki for a hearty breakfast afterwards!

2. Have a drink in : Myu, Momo, Centrale, for more artsy places: Hamra Street or Mar Mkhael Street

3. Have a Coffee in: Balima in Saifi, and/or Zaytouna Bay

4. Spend the day in the Bekaa Valley, visit the Roman Ruins of Baalbeck and have lunch in the Massaya winery.

5. Attend a crazy Lebanese family lunch.

6. Visit the Jeita Grotto.

7. Eat Fish on the sea side and indulge an Almaza beer.

8. Walk in the Byblos Souk and smoke a chicha.

While having fish in “Chez Sami”

9. Find a Mascot.

Monste the Cat and the Mascot.

One thought on “This is the Good Life… Enjoy Lebanon

  1. Its not true!! Boston the dog is still there… and ALWAYS up for a ride in a brand new Beemer. Front Seat PLEASE!!!!!

    Always enjoy reading you Soraya.
    Besos chica ;)

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