The Women in My Life

Us women tend to over-write about men and what they represent to us… But today, on woman’s day, I decided to dedicate this post to the women in my life, to those that have always been here, to those that came along, to those I’m not scared to wake up, to those I learn from, those that learn from me and mostly all those I love and always will…

I did not post all the smiles that I like, nor all the faces that mean a lot to me, and hope that those that you can’t see here will still always make my day, make me smile and love me deeply, as much as I do…

Besos to all,


10 thoughts on “The Women in My Life

  1. hahaha imaggine un peu…si ce fut vraiment mon caractere je n’occuperai aucune place nulle part :)) love and miss u loads patouuuu aussi !!!!

  2. Dont be scared to wake me up beautiful soraya ,,,u looked amazing with ur dress today can’t wait to see the final look big kisses

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