My Half-Full Cup in Turkey

This past week I have had many good surprises and some misadventures…

With an adorable 19-year-old-super fun-women-smart-kid-and-sexy-environmentalist, we spent an unexpected week…. She charmed everyone, I lost my 2 passports, we saw a fire in the forest, went on a weird diet, cracked laughing with a tiny dog and a mayor, visited the Turkish police station at 1AM, walked on garbage, discussed wastes, asked the Lebanese consular to wait for us past working hours, walked in the streets of Istanbul when we had no energy left to dance with the trendy men and women in Nisantasi during the VOGUE Fashion Nights out, made new friends in the Ataturk Airport, of course we talked talked talked, and slept like babies on our way back to Beirut….

Why wait in the airport for our next flight? We visited the blue mosque....
We enjoyed the view from the Four Seasons at Sultanahmet

And when it was time to get to work with the amazing people living and working there, we all discussed a lot , fought slightly, disagreed several times, shared meals daily and hugged every night…

Our little trainee's first on-field course =)

And after long days of meetings, discussions, and on-site visits we enjoyed the sound of the water and calm diners

(not all of them were calm diners ;))

With a particular thought to the super cool girl with whom I shared this week and a big kiss to you all,


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