Tawlet Elbe

Some people we just get attached to because we’ve spent a year, a diner or a trip together and some because for super long we’ve shared the same food, classroom and souvenirs… But some people we just wonder why we miss them dearly on a perfect sunny day in Lebanon…

Patricia relaxed in the Bekaa Vallee... "Hakuna Mattata"


And today, after having spent an amazing day in Bekaa with 2 fun sisters, a childhood friend, a rustic DJ, 2 crazy Cocos, and a big group of great people I look forward for next week-end with my marathon friend, my adventurous globe-trotter cousin and whoever else wants to join..

The peaceful view from Tawlet Ammi2 in the Bekaa Vallee, Lebanon
While drinking my white coffee this is the scenery I was enjoying


We had lunch in Tawlet Ammii in the Bekaa (Lebanon)… This new restaurant opened very recently and serves nothing but organic food in a yummy buffet. The concept is that everyday a woman comes from her village and cooks her specialty. ForĀ  the non-Lebanese who think that we only eat hummous, and Labneh I invite you to have lunch in this super charming place and enjoy the great view. For the Lebanese that have forgotten about some stuff or want to taste some new finger-licking deserts, this is the place you should go to… and For you dear Yasmine, yes you are the perfect flat-mate and yes it was you I meant when I said: “I wonder why I missed you dearly today”

Soraya wearing this skirt and looking forward for next week-end…

2 thoughts on “Tawlet Elbe

  1. Thank you very dear Soraya for saying loud, with charming words what we are thinking deep inside.Thank you for helping us discover new places we hardly realised they were so close. Thank you for making me smile about the 10 things, oups the 12, oups… :):):).Thank you for being you, just like you are, wonderfull!!

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