Sophie’s Choice… A pretty choice

I had just started writing a blogpost about taking choices, looking back – or not- and I was on a very philosophical momentum when I received a phone call from Sophie. Sophie is not only the founder of the trendy “Sophie’s Choice” in Lebanon but definitely also an important member of the Lebanese fashion industry…So this afternoon’s choice was easy: Drop the philosophical thinking and share good news instead.

Pictures from Sophie’s Choice’s webstie

This Thursday – 25th of April from 4 to 8 pm-, “Sophie’s Choice” women’s clothing boutique and the trendy men’s clothing boutique “Slowear” will host a common event entitled “Boys meet Girls”. Even though I would personally have used the word “women” rather than girl and “men” rather than boys, I still believe this event will be a very successful one and I am looking forward to being there on that date and excitingly waiting to get a sneak peek at Jessics K’s new collection.

I might bump into some of you ;)

Warm regards,


Picture from Sophie’s Choice’s wesbsite

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