Shakira in Beirut

I just got back from Shakira’s concert in Beirut, and I have to say I definitely disagree with the ones that say she used to be better! I can’t even see how much better someone can get… Apart from the fact that every woman would like to move like her and every man would like to be hers, she is an extremely accomplished artist! She dances, sings, writes, has great style, and has a perfect homogeneous tan (the easiest thing to imitate).

The concert started a bit late, nothing unusual for Beirut, but it was well worth the wait. She sang in Arabic a bit, Spanish and English some of her classics and some of her new songs. At first she entered with a long flashy pink dress, men were disappointed: they wanted to see more of her, but she undressed for her second song only to remain with a shiny top and black leather leggings. I heard the women around me saying: tomorrow I start a serious diet! And so the concert continued with super dance moves and a strong voice. At no single moment you could feel she got tired or bored of doing this: looking happy, looking great and looking natural. Some people say it’s professionalism and think it’s the energy the public gives the performer but yesterday I had a feeling it was the other way around… The concert ended with the “Waka Waka” we all love, a lot of applause and big fireworks.

To all my friends in Spain and France I would really like you to watch Shakira’s “The Sun Comes Out” world tour. She will be in your countries these 2 weeks.

Artistically yours,


One thought on “Shakira in Beirut

  1. I missed it..but thanks to my dear friend Reina…i saw and heard a glimpse via whatsapp while i was pushing the stroller (of my daughter) in downtown vancouver…That’s what we call technology!!:)

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