Sexy Men with Bruises


Yesterday I went to watch the first game of the Stanely Cup Finals Playoffs. Well, to all you girls who like to watch live team sports events just to admire sexy men with bruises, then it’s the perfect game for you. To all you women who want to enjoy a good game, crazy ambiance and amazing music, you will love dancing to the rhythm of its great DJs, and to you ladies who admire men that have grace and strength then you shouldn’t miss on watching these games.

And to you gentleman, just a quick reminder…. The Stanely Cup is an ice hockey club trophy, rewarded each year to the NHL (National Hockey League) playoffs winner. To win the cup, both teams that reached the finals should win 4 out of 7 games. Yesterday was the first game played by the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins. We (Canucks) won thanks to Torres’ shot. He scored at the last minute when just 20 seconds were remaining, getting his team one step ahead from winning the cup. A cup that is really special to have, particularly, that unlike many sports tournaments, each year a new one is produced and the cup will remain with the winning team forever.

I had never watched a Hockey Game in the Stadium before. But I’m sure it’s not the last time I do. The Roger’s Stadium in Vancouver can fit 18000 passionate fans, some famous artists (Michael  J. Fox was there yesterday), Sexy Players, 4 referees, some badly informed supporters (Yara :-) ) and Me. The game in total lasts for roughly 3 hours even though the players only skate for 60 minutes (3 20 minutes periods).  I guess the advertising they get in these games is so expensive that they like to stop and play some loud great music before every penalty and after every foul.

To conclude, I would like to encourage all of you who have the occasion to watch a Hockey Game. Don’t forget to eat your hot dog on your way in and get a nacho box during the 15 minutes breaks… It will add to the spirit of the game. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself waving a white towel for a “little” fight here and there.

Sporty Soraya

2 thoughts on “Sexy Men with Bruises

  1. I felt i was in a mega boite de nuit…with some ”sexy men in bruises” playing a game under my eyes!!:)

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