S Signature and What Would Have Been Different

I’ve had an active last month… I’ve been on several small vacation trips, with my family, my friends, for a wedding and for fun… And between these stops I managed to get home and get with everything I had left on the table… The thing is the table was full, and the vacation schedule quite tight! I thus thought again of Lea and S Signature and what would have been different if I had the luxury to be on her portfolio!

I would have had dinner in the famous Noma restaurant while in Copenhagen. (Apparently the restaurant is fully booked 6 months in advance. And while I was there “Tawlet Souk el Tayyib” was cooking. It’s one of my favorite lunch places in Lebanon).

I would have had a new interesting list of charming restaurants to try out in Paris and London.

I would have known that “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is a musical not to be missed.

I would have done a thousand things I don’t even know exist. But the cool thing about this woman and S Signature is that they have the ability to get into people’s minds and predict your desire and know your tastes…

I hope one day both you and I will get the chance to be on their list and will get to enjoy their exquisite services (so highly praised)…

Luxuriously yours,


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