Rome! From the Eyes of an Architect’s Cousin

The cool thing about having a big family is that we can always find what we need amongst those surrounding us! Thank God I have a big family and a cousin architect… This cousin of mine lived in Rome for 6 months, so she suggested I also try to discover the modern-art side of the city! I thus ended up enjoying Renzo Piano’s Auditorium Parco della Musica (a multi-functional music amphitheatre recalling ancient greek and roman theatres) and Zaha Hadid’s Museum of XXI Century… They are both situated in the north of Rome where the 1960 olympic games took place.

But what I was most happy to see are two exhibitions that were, one showing Andy Warhol’s path, and the other Frida Kahlo’s life and its representation in her art.

frida kahlo quirinaleFrida Khalo’s exhibition in the Quirinale

Frida Kahlo in Quirinale Rome

The cool thing about my visit to the Quirinale is that we were there on the day of the commemoration of Frida Kahlo’s death (the 13th of July 2014).

Going Down the Stairs to leave the expo in the QuirinaleA Charming view of Rome, going down the stairs to leave the exhibition 

Piazza Del QuirinalePiazza del Quirinale

Frida Khalo’s life fascinates me because her immense love for her husband and for her art were the two main pillars that helped her go through her many sickness and handicapes. Whereas Andy Warhol holds a special place in my heart because of his ability to use simple and everyday materials and turn them into art pieces. He also sometimes reminds me of my brother with his multi-tasking abilities, his interest in many subject, and his pioneer spirit when it came to using computer programs for art purposes. 

Andy Warhol InspirationsBecause Warhol started as a commercial illustrator generating advertising materials, everything around him was an inspiration and a way to make money (which he believed was an art as well).

Andy Warhol in Pallazzo Cipola RomeElizabeth Taylor by Andy Warhol

My favourite part of the Andy Warhol exhibition in the Palazzo Cipolla was the area that showed all the polaroids he took of his friends, celebrities or faces he liked to keep a memory of these exact moments with all their genuine aspects. (I unfortunately have no pictures of it.)

Andy Warhol and Mao Tse TungMao Tse Tung by Andy Warhol

Cute Story: Hugh Grant bought one of Elizabeth Taylors’ paintings by Andy Warhol after two drunken days for 2 million Pounds, and sold it some time later for 13 millions. The artistic world thought he was an art connoisseur… He confessed being drunk that day! Anyway that extra alcohol glass made him 11 million pounds richer!

Artistically yours,


PS: In both exhibitions we weren’t allowed to take pictures, I still illegally managed to take some with my iPhone !(A part of me feels bad for taking those pics, and the other part is happy they turned out ok and I can share them with you).

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