Poland, A Charm I Won’t Forget!

I just came back from a family trip… After long debates, and different opinions shared we ended up in the north of Europe! Poland was our first stop, and definitely one I recommend to all those that want to have a relaxing time, taste new yet simple snacks, smile to strangers and get to know a new culture.

Before sharing my experience  and pictures let me give you a very small overview of Poland:

Population: 38MM

Currency: Zloty

The Culture: A charming mix of Latin, byzantine and German cultures, with some extras of what is left from the communist period and the different European occupations.

Food and Drinks: They eat a lot of potatoes, cold cuts of meat and sausages (kiyelbasa), pyzy (meat filled dough balls, it’s a kind of polish dumplings. I loved them) and paski (a type of Polish doughnut) – Vodka (Belvedere) and beer

Polish: show interest in arts, classical music (maybe what is left from the communist period)

Most Important Figures: Pope Jean Paul II, The Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, and the composer and pianist Frederic Chopin

Walking form the Old Town to the main street of Varsow: Nowy Swiat

The first time I saw someone getting this ice cream I got super excited, then I realized it’s the typical one that could be found literally every 10meters

Local deserts: filled with cherries. It’s a bit dry and has a biscuit-like texture!

Danish doughnuts. It’s “A. Blikle”‘s specialty

I wish Lebanon had more of these types of scenery. In Poland if feels so normal…

Down Town Krakow. The city where Pope Jean Paul the Second was archbishop for 25 years.

Krakow Old Gallery



Walking in Krakow

I think I’ll never have what it takes to run a full marathon! Here in Gdansk

The north of Poland, Gdansk

Fat, Onions, Fat, Meat, Fat, Bread and Fat

A Goat Cheese Polish Snack


Arbeit Macht Frei – Work Makes Free – Welcome to Auschwitz

I will do my best to upload tomorrow the second part of my trip with recommendations and the itinerary I would follow if I were to revisit Poland!

Kisses from my Noisy Charming Grey Homey Sad and Tough Beirut,


2 thoughts on “Poland, A Charm I Won’t Forget!

  1. Absolutely breathtaking pictures, Soroya. You had us drooling with the Polish doughnuts. Yum. And, the architecture has such a gothic but romantic feel to it. Definitely on our wish list of places to visit.

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