Piccolo Portofino, Grandi Ricordi

Since I am in a vacation mode and that my Portofino group has reactivated itself, I will share with you a trip I decided to keep secret for some time; not because I don’t want to share it with you but because it was so good that it’s hard to put in words (or even in pictures)…

Last year I found myself with 7 others girls (Lebanese and French) and a charming crew on a beautiful sailing boat! We did not know each other well, some of us had even never met before. The best part of it is that at the end of this lovely week-end I thought: This trip was adorably messy in a Lebanese way, impeccably chic in a very French way and amazingly beautiful in an interesting Italian way!

Before we started the trip, the charming cousin made sure to introduce us to each other, right after she continued with a “Linguini ala vongole is typical from Genoa” suggesting we don’t loose anymore time and go straight to share food and wine =) , and obviously no one complained…

( Genoa (along with Milano and Torino) is considered one of the main industrial cities in Itlay. If you have the chance to go from Genoa to San Fruttuoso by boat you will see the different naval infrastructure and industries. )

Before going to San Fruttuoso

Our week-end thus started stared with a yummy tummy and great vibes… After I discovered we had two birthday girls with us, different characters, lovely love stories, too many cloths, not enough sun screen, stupid magazines, two big cameras, one charming model, one great photographer, amazing ladies and tanning oil, we were all set!

On our way to Portofino we stopped by San Fruttuso… In its underwater, at 17 m under sea-level you can find a bronze statue of the Christ. It was placed after the first italian scuba diver died there in the mid 20th century. We didn’t have the chance to see it, we only stopped by the Abbey of San Fruttuoso; we enjoyed its structure, a small walk and the view form up there…

The Abbey of San Fruttuoso

We then continued to Portofino where we stopped for a simili-photoshooting session, walked to Castello Brown, savoured multiple beach bellinis at the piazzetta, walked passed the pretty boutiques (I liked the selection they have, hihi), and sat down to stare at the fashionable women and their Italian men… 

On our way to Portofino

Kids Games are the best…

Colorful Portofino

It seems he found his love in Portofino ;) 

The cousin then gave a short crash history course, and sooner then expected, it was raining over us in Santa Mergurita… Still we all insisted on having an italian ice cream and on trying to catch a perfect jumping picture… 

When in Italy…

Our failed jumping picture. We had a better one, I can’t seem to find it ;)

Happy Rainy Days

Santa Marguerita

View from the Cathedral of Santa Marguerita

And as all happy things, this week-end passed too fast…

I hope we all will be back soon to taste again the exquisite food we had and share smiles and laughters… After all, how can we settle for a less-than-average jumping picture?! =)

A million baci (s) to the cousin and everyone,


Arrivederci Italy

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