Paris, The Best Things Never Change…

It’s a kids game to have fun and enjoy food =)

For the long week-end I decided to go to Paris. But the truth is, this time Paris for me was so different… For the past years I had a fixed routine: Call Philippe on my way from the airport, pass by Sarah’s house, party with Tarek, play with Ziad, chitchat until the sun rises with my Marathon friend, have a drink in St Germain with whoever is there, talk for hours in my cousins kitchen, have a house party and cook in my favorite kitchen.

But this time Paris was different, the people I got accustomed to seeing there are not there anymore, the places I use to go to are not as fun anymore and Sarah’s home is not hers… But this time Paris was better, and I realized that only the best things never change.  Though it is true some moments and people were missed, but I still see those that matter in better and funner contexts.

During this week some of my very good friends met my Venezuelan friend, they all wanted to adopt her. I think she has secretly been baptized into becoming an “honorary Lebanese”.

We all shared good food in charming Rose bakery, good wine in Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, a trendy meal in Ma Cocotte (in the Flea Market area)  and an umbrella on our way to Le derriere.

Still, my favorite part of the week-end was Saturday night. On that day Newly Misses P. came to the house party with a yummy  homemade chocolate cake (I had some of the leftovers for breakfast: a great moment), The fiancée was able to again seduce my marathon friend with his Risotto(s) and she helped with all the little details from the preparation of the diner to the uncontrolled laughter, my Venezuelan friend and I only shut up when our eyes did and my little friend for the first time was the lazy official taster of the group…

To all of you I enjoyed with a WakaWaka dance, tasty meals, untold secrets, long taxi rides, useless detours, small fights, sincere hugs, and many bubbles I sent to you my warmest kisses and hope this week-end will from now on be the benchmark for many more to come…

PS: This was one of those trips during which I took much more mental pictures than real ones… But here are 4 I found in my camera…

A couple having lunch in “Ma Cocotte”On our way from “Ma Cocotte” in the charming French Flea Market AreaCompagnie des Vins SurnaturelsLa Patisserie des Reves -  a true dream

PS: Thought of the day: “Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.”

Love always,


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