NYC Take 1: The Good Life

Central Park in Autumn… Getting ready for ice skating season.

I never understood the big vibe around the “Autumn season in New York” until I experienced it… And now I most definitely agree, it is the good life =)

These past 10 days have been close to magical moments for me… Magical in the sense that I have felt so many happy feelings, some fun ones, a lot of yummy ones and a little less tipsy ones…  I spent time with those I have always loved, some I recently met, shared food with an amazing woman I met exactly 4 years ago (she has been a big part of my life since), shared girls secrets with my tiny cousin, danced, singed, screamed, laughed and oddly enough under-partied and overslept.

But the one day I most cherish is the one spent with my fun Mexican friend around Manhattan… That day, I couldn’t stop sending smiles looking at the sky and saying “This is the Good Life”…

I was waiting for my friend, and him for his maybe too

I think NYC has this amazing vibe everyone keeps longing for, for several reasons but mainly because people there do not judge… Nothing (nor physically nor mentally) shocks a New Yorker. And that’s what I love about them: Everything is alright, All is OK!NYC on the week-end… close to the Apple Store on 5th AvenueBeautiful colorful Central ParkBleecker Street: I love its area and cafes

All Downtown NYC is a heaven for cafe lovers, scrawling shopaholics, Bellini drinkers, strolling locals , wandering tourists, arty photographers.I’d love to live in NYC and own a bicycleYou can often see these in NYCAnd less often see theseThis is the Good LifeMy dreaming SpotChelsea Market getting ready for Halloween=)Down Town Manhattan: Amazing Vibe, Crazy EnergyExtra Virgin: Cute place for brunchTired Woman, waiting for a taxi at rush hour

Looking forward for the next trip and happy to be where I am today,


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