New Years Promises

So, the year started and most of us had New Years resolutions prepared, promises or dreams. We already broke some of them, and did not start implementing some others, but in any case we have hopes for this year…

So for me this year started with a promise given by the only person I love more than myself… I loved it! And I realized and hadn’t made any for this new years… So here I am sharing with you some of this years promises:

  • I promise Chak’ that no matter what happens whenever he looks back I will be there
  • To all my readers, to Blog more often
  • To exercise more
  • To go to Latin America
  • I will sit for the GMAT
  • I promise to take at least one Big Risk
  • I will do my best to learn something new everyday
  • I promise my marathon friend that we’ll go to Berlin together
  • My cousin that I will revisit
  • My parents, I promise them to always be their little girl and their biggest support
  • Lebelik‘s designers, that they will see improvements every week
  • Say “thank you” more often

The list is long but I’d rather not post all of it here because some points are just more difficult to keep than others,

All the best for this year for everyone,


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