My Talented Lebanon in the Important Paris Fashion Week

I write to you this with a belly full of exquisitely yummy stuff, listening to the timeless Ray Charles and with a proud smile thinking of my amazing compatriots who manage to make a name for themselves and Lebanon during the enchanting Paris Fashion Week and on the international fashion scene…

Today was a day full of surprises and happy faces… Rabih Kayrouz’s show was fantastic. The pieces he proposed have a refined french cut, a charming feminine texture and something of Beirut, a something I can’t explain not because I don’t want to, but because it is impossible to put words on this little-charming-something-from-beirut. The closest comparison I could find to it is the taste of lebanese milk ice-cream in a 3-star-Michelin star restaurant… (as odd as it may sound).

Everyone was fascinated by this collection… and I loved this bordeaux long coat… One of my favorite pieces!

I then spent a fashionable afternoon at the Tranoi Exhibition where I saw 3 of my favorite designers exposing there… Johnny Farah (for who I have a not-so-secret-anymore-crush),  Rania Farsoun (she is a real artist) and Madame Reve (you have probably seen me a million times wear their necklaces)! I felt proud for Lebelik, happy for myself and excited for Lebanon.

Johnny Farah beautiful leather at Tranoi

Rania Farsoun, Feminine Jewellery in Tranoi and on

Madame Reve, My type of Necklaces =)

But fashion week isn’t only about stars, trade shows and fashion shows, it’s a lot about up-and-coming treasures and professional showrooms, it’s also about beautiful materials and charming silhouettes, but I think it’s mostly about making people (mostly-women) happier and prettier… And that’s exactly what I felt when visiting Karoline Lang’s racks in her showroom and when asking Maria to try on (for the pleasure of my eyes) different outfits from Rani Zakhem’s Fall-Winter 14-15 collection!

Karoline Lang’s dresses make women dream… It’s like taking the charm of a disney princess and putting it in a sexy woman’s body! It’s cute, it’s feminine, it’s sexy and fresh!

The pieces are magical but my phone ran out of batteries… It’s the only picture I have of Rani’s amazing collection! Here is a glimpse of a navy blue matching pants and blazer! His collection is mega-professional, and amazingly designed for women like me who like to feel light and pretty at friends weddings!

I also had the pleasure to spend time with my talented friend Joanna Dahdah. She is an amazing jewellery designer and a great friend… We shared warm asian food, a hot tea, long walks, intense talks, smelly taxi rides and interesting walks through tons of cloths and jewellery. She wasn’t exposing this year in Paris. But she definitely is part of the up-and-coming elite of the jewellery designers.

Joanna and I after a long day during Paris Fashion Week! click here for her website

And because everywhere I go I take a small part of the people I love with me, I thought of the talented Sarah Melki a million times in Paris, the city where we shared a million stories and laughters! 

This is for you, Sarah! 

And because Lebanese at the french fashion week is not only about Lebelik, I would like to invite you all to also pass by  Christina Debs’ space in Tranoi, that of Nada Samaha, Joanna Laura Constantine, that of Sarah’s Bag, Rosy Abou Rouss’ stand, Nour Hammour and Jojoba’s! 

Let’s not also forget that a lot of people don’t work in fashion! And thank God for that, because usually they are better food partners… I therefor discovered this week-end a gastronimical restaurant, “Kei”. The food there was magical! It’s exactly what I would have wished for, a Michelin-star Japanese chef cooking light french surprises! I enjoyed a carbs-full-brunch at “claus” while waiting for Garance Dore’s guests to arrive, drank great wine, cheered with bubbly champagne chosen with love, and talked with my great friend and partner way after my eyes closed, until my mouth could no longer move!

PS: Don’t forget you can follow Elie Saab’s show live tomorrow on this link. I am sure you will be transported into a royal world!

I am thankful for all those how helped me end this post with an honest smile,

Bonne nuit et a bientôt,

French kisses to all,


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