My Home in Florence

I grew up believing home is where your mummy is! For me being at home is not a city, nor a place, not even a house. Home is where I feel comfortable, where I’m allowed to cry for no valid reason or laugh on the stupidest thing ever! Home for me this week was Florence!

As soon as I stepped in Florence and went into my cousin’s apartment it felt like home! The books lying there could have been mine, the nutella jar and the Special K box were as empty as mine would have been and the couch maybe a bit more comfortable.

But it was not the house but the spirit that made me feel most on a vacation home away from home… The minute I got there after some delays, I saw a paper that said: “Get ready; I’m expecting you in the Lungarno Hotel for a Chocolate and Champagne party at the new Picteau bar”. ¬†For some women reading a letter like this in pink might be disappointting; for them this sounds more like a letter they would want to read from a forgotten Italian lover. For me, it was just what I would have hoped for.

So, apart from the exquisite Champagne and the finger-licking-great chocolate, I was welcomed with a big smile from my adored cousin, and with a kind one by the Lungarno team I was happy to meet. I wish I could go into details about how nice this bar was (because it really was). The paintings on the wall, all are drawings from Picasso or Cocteau (hence the name: Picteau).The bar is the perfect mix of chic and warm and the atmosphere sophisticated and relaxed all at once. Exactly what I like!

But what attracted me even more is the people I met there. They all impressed me by their elegance and kindness. Both of the CEO and the stylish Christina genuinely took care of everyone there; they made sure every “salute” sounded special.

I don’t want to give you too many details about this “must stop” as I won’t want to ruin your surprise once you get there.

Stay on the blog for more details about my little and charming trip.

Chin Chin =)



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