My “Blue Monday” is Full of Colors

For those of you who wonder why they are feeling blue today, stop wondering, today it “Blue Monday” (the third monday of January) and it’s the only day during which you’re allowed to act or feel blue… But I have the perfect remedy for you: a Stop by The MIM Museum Facebook page. 

It’s the next best thing after a visit to the MIM Museum in the new building of the USJ (Universite Saint Joseph) in Lebanon… It is believed (by many professionals) to be the prettiest museum of the sort worldwide.

I was one of the lucky few to be invited to a pre-opening visit… And I was much more then amazed… I knew in the back of my head the amazing family working on this project don’t believe in “good enough”. They take “great” as their only option. But what I did not know is that my notion of “great” was their notion of “good” or “very good” (if I’m lucky). So anyway, all this to tell you I was much more than amazed by this Museum.

It will be open to the public in the month of March or April 2013 if I remember correctly, and visitors there will have the  chance to admire a unique collection of well chosen semi-precious and precious stones. It’s interesting to see how the stone are organized, by categories and/or colors.

We were in a small group and I couldn’t ask all my question, but next time (because I’m sure there will be several more next times) I would try to know, How are the stones chosen? I would ask to hear fun stories concerning these beautiful pieces, and I will definitely do my best to be remember more technical details (because the first I went there the only thing I said was “Waw” “How Cool” and “Show Me More”.

Sadly I didn’t have the chance to take pictures, but for now I hope you will enjoy those on their Facebook page.

I would encourage everyone and especially the jewellery designers and particularly those on Lebelik to visit this beautiful museum first time they get the chance. It would be interesting for those in the jewellery industry to get a feel of all the aspects of the stones we today so stylishly use and wear.

Romantically feeling international after remember the diversity of what I saw some weeks ago…


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