Morality and Popularity

This time I woke up and caught my plane to Istanbul. =) During my early breakfast I had the TV on… Sometimes you just light on the TV and the same info keep showing up! Well this week-end was not one of those periods… The Dominique Strauss Kahn case, the volcano eruptions in Iceland, Madrid’s protests and Cannes’ Film Festival, only to name a few, have all made this week-end very active in terms of information, news and questions… And one big issue got my attention: When do moralities start affecting one’s popularity?

I think it rarely doesn’t! I remember my marketing teacher saying – with that charming Spanish accent- : A bad publicity is better than no publicity. It increases people’s awareness about a certain person or project. Consumers will then assess the case and form their own opinions! We’ve seen singers acting like kids, sports stars as porn stars, actors and politicians’ believing everything is a play where they will always have the main role… Still I like them! And I have every reason to because being a genius is what I respect them for and being decent or not is what makes newspapers more interesting.

So here again I questioned myself: When do we become so narcissistic to the point of believing that ordinary rules don’t apply for us?!?!

One thought on “Morality and Popularity

  1. Dear Soraya
    Stick to fashion and forget about philosophy….:) Have a great day and hope the volcano wont disturb our sky and delay our flights…!!

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