Marathon Friend Running in London

My Marathon friend has ticked one box out of her bucket list! London Marathon: Checked!


She finished it on Sunday, and thought I will get the chance to talk to her before writing to you… But since I haven’t yet… I will write to you all what I would have liked to chitchat about with her, including the occasional complaints, the stupid jokes, innocent gossips and funny food stories…

  1. I heard about a Man’oucheh diet I would maybe like to try. Apparently you eat only man’oucheh and cucumbers during the whole day and you lose weight. I’m scared to do it. I feel I will gain like half a kilo per bite =)
  2. Yesterday I’ve had a long day: It started with Lebelik, and continued with me getting a new designer for Lebelik (surprise), then went to Yasmina Farah’s cool Spring/Summer 2012 collection launch. I’ll post an article in a bit with more details, and ended up swimming, aqua cycling and chitchatting with Lula.
  3. In case you haven’t heard Louise has been on live TV on Monday. The file is too big but is being uploaded to you tube as I write.
  4. You were missed by too many people on Friday night. Danza Koduro made your mom and I dance with a big thought to you and your little flower.
  5. Worst case I’ll see you on the first of June.

Many many kisses to you,


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