Madrid… I Miss You

I woke up super nostalgic and especially after yesterday’s dinner with an amazing Turkish woman with whom I studied :) (we gossiped a bit), after hearing my hotel neighbor speak Spanish with a “TH” and after receiving a text message from a friend asking for restaurants and bars recommendations! I remembered Madrid and its people!

I use to find it normal to have dinner at 10:30, mix “Fanta Limon” with red wine, throw peanuts rests on the Barnabeu’s floor during a soccer game or even see shops closed from 2:30 to 4:30… I now find it less common but love it much more! I will probably be there very soon, and will eat Mexican food in la Barriga Llena, laugh with the Italians in Pulcinella, smile to MBA students in Lateral, have drinks on Hotel Urban‘s roof top, enjoy Jorge Juan and end up in -one of the rare restaurants that has good bread in Madrid- Pan de Lujo, and talk about Starck’s taste in Ramses (if it’s still open).  I will definitely miss a lot of you while having tapas on Cava Baja, drinking in Penthouse and dancing on Paulina Rubio’s songs in Gabana.

To the ones that shared with me these souvenirs, I promise not to go to the Karaoke place. I’m sure “Azul” and “Colgando en tus manos” won’t sound the same.  And to you, with whom I would love to go to Madrid, I don’t promise to try out new places this time. I’ll be happy going to the places I know, eating Ice cream in El Retiro and stopping at Alfredo’s Barbacoa for a fatty burger.

I will also probably go to bar tomate and ask for a day in Talavera :).

4 thoughts on “Madrid… I Miss You

  1. Beautiful city where cultures clashed in a perfect balance…. By far one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever had. Im happy we will soon reunite… but this time…in your homeland.

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