It’s 4:30 am in Beirut, and I just got back home from an amazing wedding! I couldn’t but share with you my night! I’m not going to go through the food details, the women’s interesting dresses nor the exciting venue, because these things are the kind “you had to be there to appreciate it” stuff. However I would like to share with you my thoughts about weddings, marriages and love…

Some people believe choosing a life partner should be a well thought of decision and that the other half should tick the 4316548600 boxes to “pass the test”. Other, less rational people want to marry for love and passion in a wild surrounding to a fervent partner…  However tonight was one of those nights that help you count your blessings, make you appreciate differences and value “Love” while still reminding you that your brains are here for something!  But why am I saying all this?! …Because I know that if I were to ask the bride: Using just your heart which man would you pick to live the rest of your life with? She would give me the same answered as if I had put head instead! And that would be her husband! (He probably shares the same opinion).

So, for all single people wishing to meet their life partner, I hope you will have the patience, luck and joy my two friends have and shared with us all tonight.

Sweet dreams to you all and congratulations to my two butterfly friends

Heavy-eyed Soraya

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