In Love with Being in Love and Short Movies

The Doha Tribeca Film Festival is currently taking place. It will “see more than 50 films from 35 countries” ( ). Different cultures and styles will be portrayed in this festival and several international and regional movies premiers are currently playing there…  I will give you a little resume of the festival after the 29th (the last day of the festival), but for now, I would like to share with you three short movies I really like… they are all about love.

In these 3 short movies love is portrayed in its most innocent and pure state…

Apricot: ( ) This movie is slow and calm. It’s a trip down memory lane to help us remember our first love, heartbeats, love smiles, first kisses and their exquisite tastes.

Thought of You: ( ) This short movie is just impressive. In this 2D animation love is revealed through choreography. “Thought of You is the kind of film that grabs you by the heartstrings with quite visual simplicity and unfolds into incredible emotional range”.

 Splitscreen: A Love Story   ( ) shows parallel lives of two individuals one living in Paris and the other in New York. I love the way the screen is cut in half and the similar ways in which each one evolves.

With Tender Love,


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