I’m Feeling Lucky (reposted – because it got deleted)

This article was posted the 8th of August but was deleted, I don’t know how nor why…. But anyway here it is =)

In Beirut, This week:

. I attended 2 weddings. The first one was amazing and the ceremony was one of the most touching I have ever attended. The second one was great too and the DJ played songs I love.

. I ate yummy food with 3 fun women, one interesting man and his crazy wife in the famous “Burgundy” restaurant in Beirut.

. My cousin in law touched me so deeply yesterday.

. I spend my afternoon photo-shooting =). I love these days.

. I started reading “50 shades of Grey” and concluded after reading it and watching “Grey’s Anatomy” that living in Seattle and being called Grey definitely helps in adding some action in ones life.

. I ran or pseudo-ran a 5K run in Fakra in Lebanon for a charity very close to my heart “My School Pulse”.

. I met with my web-designer.

. Discussed with fashion designers.

. I slept late, danced long hours and smiled at strangers.

My week was full of ups and downs, but in general I have to say, I do feel lucky especially after winning 3 gifts in yesterday’s Tombola.

PS: For those wondering, I won a kids towel on which Dinosaurs are drawn, a big glass bowl (pretty) and a dinner for 2 in a burger place.

and btw, when on Google, the “I feel Lucky” button is used to search for the most ranked page for that search phrase. Your first result is thus usually the very best guess. In general it is a button you will not use much, but adds a lot of charm to the Google platform in my opinion. By clicking on the “I’m feeling lucky”  button without any search Phrase typed in, you will end up on their doodle page (see it here).

I wish you all a lot of Good Luck and Great Karma,


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