I wonder in NYC

I don’t know if it’s women in general or if it’s just me at 4:00 am, but lately I’ve been wondering a lot… Wondering what might happen, what’s in some people’s heads and mainly how come sometimes we feel things we never wanted to or never expected to…

I’m in lovely NYC and today I’ve seen snow, sunshine and wind. I woke up with a straight face, only to smile again, laugh, have coffee, eat, drink, get a bit pissed, a bit tender, drop a tear, smile eat and drink again, and work (housework and Lebelik)…  So as you can see my wondering state of mind might be based on these high and lows or just on the fact that I’m a woman =)

But instead of taking you on a wondering trip, I will share with you some brunch recommendations I’ve tried or have from two super valid sources (my incredible (in every way possible) brother and my closie Sarah)

. The trendy, a bit artsy Peels on Bowery street

. The charming Vin et Fleur on Thomson Street

. The cool and nostalgic, Café Gitane in the Jane Hotel. Don’t forget to order their famous couscous.

. My favorite (eventhough not so brunchy type of place): Cipriani on West Broadway. For Bellini lovers, you should know it originated from the Cipriani in Venice by Harry Cipriani…

These are the ones I would happily go to very often… But my list also includes some American classics like Freemans, Shillers and Friends of a Farm, some less classical like: Public, Hatsuhana Sushi and Cafe Habana.

I’ve had these addresses and much more and didn’t know where to start, that’s also maybe why I decided to wonder around today =)

Have a great day,

Silly Soraya

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