I Miss My Blog

Hello to everyone,

First I would like to wish a very warm belated Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating it. I hope you all had a good time with your family, friends and loved ones and enjoyed yummy turkey and shared adorable moments.

Then I would like to share with a bit of my own week…

Lately I had a long week, spent long hours on huge heels, discussed Woody Allen, Paris-Manhattan (about a woman obsessed by him) and To Rome with Love (his most recent movie) in great details, talked about bloggers and their stories, took care of some last minute sales on Lebelik, advised some new clients and enjoyed the Christmas spirit and the happy faces I saw. I also came across some pretty pictures of Christmas moments I would like to share with you…

My cousins, marathon friend, close friends and crazy family are almost all here so I’ve been up and about trying to do everything at the same time, only to realize Super Woman doesn’t exist, and even if this idea did exist in reality I would definitely not be it (not that I ever though I was). I like too much, taking my time and I enjoy slow walks, calm moments and long laughter.

Christmasy Soraya

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