NYC Take 2: I met Sandy

Now that everything is back to normal in NYC and in the USA on a hurricane level, I feel less guilty to tell you about my experience during that time in NYC…

Actually, I had a good time that night. Luckily we still had power and water and as odd as it may sound I spent a fun night. We played charades games, Taboo and my family and friends had to mimic fun words and expressions like “Monica Bellucci”,  “Foie gras”, “As Time Goes by”, and “Bicycle Thieves”…

What was crazy though is seeing NYC in a not-so-sleepless mode. Everyone was indoors, half of our friends had no light, the shops were closed, restaurants did not have food to serve, most hotels did not accept non-guests to have a meal there by fear of being short on food.

The boutique that usually has amazing display windows was looking like this the day before Sandy hit at her maximum

Almost no on one on usually busy 5th Avenue and 57th street

I didn’t get the chance to take many pictures. I followed the advice and restrictions suggested by Mayor Bloomberg, and thus I have no other pictures of that night. But, here is a link to pictures I found absolutely fantastic :

Soraya from Sunny Beirut

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