Hush-Hush Italy

Stunning View of Stromboli

This post is dedicated to my cherished cousin.

This morning at 6:00 am I received a text message from my brother in NY, woke up, canceled my flight to Istanbul (a city in which my cousin and I left a lot of smiles), and went back to sleep.

Hours later I remembered a conversation I had a couple of weeks ago with my cousin; we were discussing week-end destinations in Italy. She lives in Florence, so no need to tell you how much she appreciates arts and fashion, consumes carbs and loves human warmth. And after having came across 10 magazines, 3 movies and had 2 conversations about Italy and Italians I wondered is it a sign or just a coincidence? In any case, I’m coming to visit soon with a small promise: that of showing her around the secret Island of Panarea.

It is the second smallest of the Aeolian Islands. It is known for its Bougainvilleas, splendid sunrise, small population (less than 300 inhabitants), Buggy taxis, gourmet restaurants and its yellow sand bay. What was previously known as a volcanic island chain north of Sicily is today the destination Kate Moss chooses for her parties (in Raya Hotel), the place jet setters find serenity out of rooftop bars, and pretty barmaid get ready for Miami. Almost all hotel rooms have a postcard view of Stromboli, slowly belching a stream of smoke from its crater.

To you all I promise more new charming destinations to visit and to you my dear cousin I guarantee an amazing diner in Da Adelina restaurant.

One thought on “Hush-Hush Italy

  1. Its wonderful to be able to discover new destinations through here ! other blogs or searches almost always promote very touristic places !! this seems like a well hidden jewel! cant wait to go there !! baci xxx
    Ps: ur cousin is lucky to have u ;)

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