Lately I have been…

I’ve been having a blast, my days are super exciting and the nights long… Today I am tanned, have tired eyes and hundreds of new stories to tell since lately I was invited to a (one of my favorite) fun lunch in Zahle, spent the day on a friendly chic boat, discovered new biscuits in the South of Lebanon, found my new spot for this summer (Sud bar) and saw my favorite designers in Bashkir (where Jessica Khoueiri Achkar from Jessica, Yasmina Farah Massoud from February, Nada Talhame and Roula Dfouni exposed their new pieces)

Thank you Joanna for a great day

Jessica in action

Yasmina and February full of beauty and style

My charming little Lebanon – (South of )

“Bar Tatine”, in front of “Sud”. I want to try this next time I go there

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