Here’s to Good Surprises, Fashion and Fun Blogs…

I have known Sandrine for quite a while now… To tell you the truth I don’t even remember where and how I met her. Lebanon is a small country and you end up meeting people here and there not knowing if you have ever met before…. And circumstances have been such that I have always known that Sandrine loves trendy materials, fashionable people and hip places… Circumstance have also been such that I never knew what’s behind her mind, what her inspirations are, what she appreciates or what she strongly despises…

And on Wednesday we met for a coffee to talk about bloggers (She is one of the two cool bloggers of The Closet Clause, a fashion blog with which Lebelik collaborates), Lebelik, Lebanese designers and the potential in that sector. We ended up talking about this and much more, over drinking white coffee, lemon and water (btw it’s super good for your health) and smiling at silly circumstances.

I have several clearer pictures of her...
But for a certain reason this is the one I like the most...

So for you all to better get to know Sandrine, here are some answers she quickly gave me when I asked her about her aspirations, style and taste:

Fashion Related

Your favorite Lebanese Designer: Elie Saab

Your Favorite Material: Silk

You love designers who: Know who to find the right balance between designing something feminine and trendy at once

If you were a brand you would be: Alexander McQueen

If you were a handbag: Celine Mini Luggage

The fashion item you will never wear: Sabot Shoes

The item you wear everyday: My watch + 2 Lucky Bracelets (one with bleu stones and one that says: Hayati) Hihi, I have that same bracelet =)

Your favorite gift: My first designer bag; I often wear it remembering with a smile past stories and fun souvenirs


Zodiac Sign: Libra

The quality you like the most in Men: Maturity

The characteristic you can’t stand in Men: Greed and Avarice

Your dream for The Closet Clause: To become the reference on guiding people when it comes to moving away from Cliches and helping them be trendy without being too cheesy

Your next step: Teaming up with renowned local magazines

One Concluding Phrase: “You can’t put together a formula for how to look gorgeous -It’s a question of personality. You shouldn’t just become a hanger for a label” She stole this phrase from Isabel Marrant but said it so genuinely that I would have never guessed it’s not here’s  if she hadn’t mentioned it.

I liked the fact that the answers were given in a fast and genuine way because now I get to share with you only the most sincere answers of what’s behind this fashion oriented, sharp eyed talented woman.

With a small happy surprise and a lot of appreciation,



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