Great Wedding, Super Bride and a Speech I Would Like to Share with You

I went to this really cool wedding of a great friend of mine… It was in the Jumeirah Beach hotel in Dubai, the location was just perfect, the atmosphere great, the people a lot of fun and the bride was just gorgeous…

What I will share with you here is a speech I read to the bride, sent by our 2 close friends that couldn’t come to the wedding….

“Dear Farroucha,

Because, for those of you that don’t know, that’s how we’ve been calling her since Madrid.

Unfortunately we were not able to be here to share with you on this great day.


Just a small note from us… If you see her with a stupid pony tail, if she cries in the middle of a silly conversation, if she tries using inappropriate Spanish words, if she still remembers losing a soccer tournament or if she just suggests eating 10 pancakes in the middles of a serious work session, don’t be surprise…. You probably know this, but we would like to remind you she is too attached to forget, too tender to hold a tear, too much fun to just be conventional, too tender and often too sweet to just say “no” to some good deserts.


On that day, we would like to wish you 3 things: To Live, To Laugh and To Love.

To Live, We wish for you to live life fully so that one day we’ll see a gorgeous little Farah to whom we could tell all your little stories we can’t share here.

To Laugh, simply because we need it.

To Love, Love us: Leti and Claudia, Mustafa and Nadia (because now we’re close enough to call them this way ), Omar of course, your adorable Fadi, Shereen and Jude, your in-laws, and everyone that deserves it.

Bust mostly we wish for you to Love yourself first, life second, good food of course and the ones writing this letter, and the one reading it”

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed speaking it,

Love always,


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