Grasse full of Grace

Dear Reader,

The week-end that passed was a long one since Monday was a bank holiday in London… A lot of people rushed to the airports and train stations to give their last goodbyes to their summers… As for me, I had a great time in the South of France with an amazing family (actually by now you might know her: my Marathon friend’s family).

The 3 days spent in Grasse were like a grace to me. This little town (“Grasse”) situated on top of a small hill oversees the French famous bays (it is a 20minute ride away from the coast). I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited in one of the prettiest houses ever: great by its design and taste of course, but most importantly amazing by the human warmth found in it and by the finger licking dishes available there.

So, during these three days we’ve dinner at tasty Le Pecheur (I highly recommend the chocolate fondant and the sea bass if it’s the fish of the day), had lunch in Les Palmiers in St Tropez (the chicken salad is healthy light and healhty), spent a day on a refined boat, walked around Cannes, and spent the rest of the stay doing our swimming lapses, learning about yoga, tanning, reading magazines and taking pictures. My fear is I over exaggerated with the pictures. On the brighter side, I now have tons of pictures of a week-end I would never want to forget.

Unfortunately good times pass too fast and before we knew it, it was time to get back to cold and hectic London.  On our way back I saw lying on the table a Canadian passport, a Swiss one, a Lebanese, a Chinese and a British one and thought: How did we all get along so well? The group was formed of 8 women and 2 man with ages ranging from 18 to 60 and hobbies going from doing nothing to doing everything and characters from super slow to super fast…. But at the end I realized it’s by accepting these differences that our amazing hosts were able to built this charming house and by encouraging them that they built it on solid grounds.

One again I would like to thank all those that made this week-end an amazing one.

Gracefully yours,


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