Good Things Do Happen

My day in two words: Amazing Coincidences!

I won’t go in details about the people I’ve bumped into or the discussions I had…. They start by an Austrian watch shop, pass by a consulting company, go through old bond street, stop at Mc Queen, goes through Dubai, Kuwait and Greece.

The topics that made me smile today: Tiffany’s, Oliver Wynman, HipHop, Job Offering, Vogue, Jumeirah Beach Road, Mykonos, Mercedes, Hermes, Bad Pop Corn, Queuing, Photo Booth… … … …

I think I will need a minimum of 12pages to resume my day. So I won’t go through the details but I would just like to share with you my feelings about having an open mind and about taking chances…

Because I think everyone has at some point chosen to stay home rather than go out, has picked the bar they are used to in the street they grew up in rather that the new trendy place where they might not get in and has studied in the university where they were sure they would do good. Because A lot of women have picked as a husband that one person that comforted them the most and not the one they were in love with (forgetting for what reason they had broken up in the past). Because some of them have never taken any risk in fact… But mostly it is because a big number of women complain not getting action in their lives and not having the opportunity to meet new people that I write to you this post today…

I would like to encourage women to take chances. And by chances I don’t mean going under your crush’s window to sing to him a love song you wrote just for the occasion and then complain he didn’t feel the same in return, no! What I mean is: “You should put yourself out there” “Go out of your comfort zone”. Of course it’s comfortable there, but ask yourself: Is it what I want? Is it exciting enough for me? Interesting enough? Challenging? Fun? Whatever you’re looking for, is your comfort zone the answer? If it is then I suggest you hold on to it, and if it’s not I propose you count your blessings, take a deep breath and small steps towards where you want to be.

You know you can count on someone in case you go through difficult moments… You’ll always have me anyway =).

With a special thought at my great day, I wish you a good night and a healthy week-end.


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