Flying Free…

Last night I landed in My Beirut from Beautiful Madrid… I spent one week there celebrating Leti and Nacho’s Wedding… The Wedding was amazing, the “finca” breathtaking and the party endless… And for the first time I came back at 9:00AM after a wedding… What I loved most about this wedding is that everyone was so naturally happy to be there, everyone was dancing for or with the bride and groom, some of them were even enjoying the music on their own. Many kisses were exchanged, maybe some couples were formed but definitely fun friendships were created…

The main stop of my week was definitely the wedding week-end; still I’ve been to placed I loved, discovered many new places, met great people but most importantly shared tender moments with some of those I will always travel the world for. Madrid for me tastes like chocolate, you never get enough of it although it often tastes the same. In that city I always get everything a girl wishes for (except for the 2 extra kilos).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… and if I had to write everything that went through my mind that week I probably would we writing a book, I therefore hope you will enjoy going through these pictures and I also hope it will bring back some souvenirs to some and put on smile on all of our faces…

View from the charming apartment in Chueca  I stayed in with fun roomies....We read some of them
I love pretty Librabries...

The first day we went to El Retiro. Every time I go to this lovely park I feel a tourist at home. I love this feeling.

I guess kids are too pure to see size as a threat. (see here below)






That night Claudia and I went to have dinner in Zalacain. It’s funny how everyone was overdressed there (haha =) ) The food was light and good and dad was super happy to celebrate my 26th Birthday with me and a woman that definitely became part of our small family.

As the day passed, we’ve been done locals stuff, enjoyed touristy food and danced with international¬† moves with a group that definitely was nothing less than super international.





Pictures of (1) A cake that says "Bee Mine"
(2) Fun Glasses with Heels (3) Our Table in Lateral
(4) Drinks home before going-out... Waiting for the wine


Interestingly enough, I have less pictures of the wedding night than the whole week, but here is where the wedding was… Some of us had a yummy lunch here the next day as well…

My idea of a Perfect Afternoon

And as I was walking on Madrid’s warm streets I saw some stuff that made me smile or laugh, here are some of them:

I saw this while walking on the streets of the Chueca area... =D

jaja.... Someone stole the wheels and left the bike
Lovers in Madrid, from the balcony of our apartment
Jamon in Mercado San Anton... So much for light pinchos (tapas)

So, as you can imagine I left Madrid with a huge smile, some extra addresses to recommend (Restaurants: Santceloni – cool high-end Spanish food, Lateral -will always have it on my list-, Luzi Bombon and Bar Tomate- For the trendy ones) (Bars: Terraza del Barnabeu – Always my favorite), some extra kilo, many new plans and a zillion tons of love and hugs to all those that couldn’t meet us there on this trip….

Besos to you all,

Hasta Luego,


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