Espace M: Space for everyone…

Saturday night and I decided to stay home, go through some magazines, answer some emails and enjoy time home.

Kelly Hoppen was there for the opening of Espace M (amazing gallery furniture an d great fashion pieces)

Naturally I ended up opening facebook =) and came across many pictures taken on the 23rd of February during the opening of Espace M in Beirut. It is a new gallery in Lebanon owned by the Melkis, at first I thought that’s why it’s called EspaceM then realiszed M could stand for Mode (fashion in French), Meubles (furnitures in French) or Magnificient. I then decided to stop wondering why it’s called Espace M and decided to share a bit with you the amazing smiles I saw there, the great pieces, detailed fashionable dresses, well-chosen furniture, the good vibe and everything in between….

Sarah Melki’s amazing collection… The materials and the cuts are superb…

In my opinion the opening was just perfect! Only one person was missing… She was missed by me, my mom, her whole family and probably almost everyone there.

Raya, Ibrahim Melki, Kelly Hoppen and Joumana

Kisses to you Yara, and good day for everyone,


4 thoughts on “Espace M: Space for everyone…

  1. emue aussi ! les larmes aux yeux ! cest vrai avec tous les gens quil yavait ! on sentait un Grand VIDE !
    merci pour ta pensee ma Chere Amie !

    1. MIA, it is a place you would definitely like! We’ll go together soon if you want…
      Y and saram, ca me touche toujours de savoir que vous lisez le blog regulierement…. Bisous a vous deux

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