Eleven Minutes from Istanbul to Geneva

Today’s post of “City Girl” is not dedicated to a city nor to some new places to discover. It is about a book. A book that would make any flight seem like a very short one.

“Eleven Minutes” is a novel by Paulo Coelho. Some may think it’s cheesy to recommend Paulo Coelho books. But trust me if it’s cheesy, it’s probably because it’s worth reading it… On Thursday night I left Istanbul with a book in the hand… I had only read 10 pages when it was time for me to leave the hotel to catch my flight. And since reading in the car is definitely not for me I had to restarted the book 2 hours later. And what felt like eleven minutes later I was already having dinner with friends.

It is with this story that time passed so fast… Maria, a young innocent Brazilian girl, got her heart broken before being convinced she will not find true love. She then decided to offer herself a week in Rio where she met a Swiss man who promised her fame and success. Unfortunately she discovered these were all castles in the sky and sold her soul for cheap and big money… The novel takes you through all the ups and downs of her life as a woman, a prostitute, a dreamer, a believer and a realistic person before introducing Ralf and captivating you with a mystic description of Love, Sex, their values and the ways in which they meet.

This book is one of those books you do not want to put down. I think in a way or another every woman can relate to the situatiosn Maria (the protagonist) went through. And don’t take me wrong, I’m not talking about the prostitute part but more about the journey to self discovery…

Captivated Soraya

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