Dubai and Reminder of Fathers Day…

I’m in Dubai for less than 48 hours…And for the first time in 3 years I felt that time has been passing slowly… and to tell you the truth I loved this feeling… The feeling that one day is long, and that in 24 hours so many interesting things could be done. I most probably got this feeling because today I did nothing much. I had one meeting in the morning and spent my day in the hotel, working, working out, looking for a yummy Iranian cooking recipe (which I did not find yet) and sorted -some- things out,I also uploaded some of my instagram pictures to my facebook page, and decided to give you a small general reminder for this month (of some stuff I forgot to do, it may look cheesy, but cheesy is often true =) )

1. Remember that on the 21st of June it’s fathers day… So for the ones of us that lost theirs, I promise to send a little prayer to you angels and for those that can still give your father a phone call don’t forget to shop here too to be able to put a smile on their faces…(

2. Drink 2.5 litre of water per day.

3. Eat chocolate..It’s never as good as a passionate kiss, but almost ;).

4. Go to the hairdresser. It can sometimes replace a visit to a psy.

5. Over-sleepy

6. Under-eat

7. Order room service for breakfast

8. Enjoy the Sun

9. Enjoy every moment: Carpe Diem

10. And of course Shop  on It’s always nice to receive the package at home =)

A picture around the pool of the Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai, 
after I downloaded the Adobe Photoshop express for Ipad =)
I used the same Adobe Photoshop Express here... I loved playing with it
Room in the Grosvenor House in Dubai =) I again used the same app, hihi

With many warm kisses from my tidy room,




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